Investor Relations

What’s next for the AGM?

Annual General Meeting season is almost upon us once again and if the findings of a recent report from the Governance Institute of Australia (Benchmarking Listed Company Secretarial Practice in Australia 2014) are anything to go by, it may seem as though the AGM is in terminal decline.   The report found only 0.3 per […]

Going Global: The benefits and challenges of dual listings

Public discussion around the merits of Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) companies being dual listed has intensified lately. The downturn in the global resources sector in particular has seen the media and the investment community publicly question the benefits of maintaining a dual listing given the significant associated costs and regulatory requirements. Within the resources sector, […]

Low Hanging Fruit: Positive non-financial stories are easy pickings

Regularly reporting your company’s non-financial performance and successes in areas such as community engagement, environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility provides an opportunity for positive messages to complement your financial reporting, as well as marketing opportunities to audiences beyond the financial markets. However, many smaller companies fail to effectively integrate non-financial reporting into their overall communication […]

Tales from the US: Innovations in stakeholder communication

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The United States continues to lead the way in pioneering new and innovative ways for companies to communicate with stakeholders. And while technology is playing an increasingly important role in that process, the ‘rules of engagement’ in the digital age are much the same as […]