The value of an Investor Perception Audit

  If you’re a regular reader of our Green Room series of articles, you’ll be aware of how important it is for CEOs of publicly listed companies to spend considerable time actively promoting their company to a wide range of market participants including current shareholders, potential investors, equity analysts, brokers and other opinion formers. The […]

The Value of Being Known

Research shows that a company with profile – through the media and other means – is more likely to be included in an investor’s portfolio, than a company without profile.  Standard finance theory would have us believe that investors should behave rationally at all times, making their actions reasonably simple to predict.  This theory evolved […]

Saturday’s election is only half the battle

The election this Saturday March 28 looks certain to deliver a Baird victory. Across the board, the polls have the Government leading Labor 54% to 46%. While the Government is expected to lose anywhere from 10 to 18 seats, the reality is, it doesn’t matter. The Government won too many seats in the 2011 election […]

The Political Landscape: Reform, Growth, Privatisation and the Future

The Abbott Government has been swift to move on from the February leadership spill with the Prime Minister focusing on issues that resonate with the traditional Liberal & Nationals support base, namely the economy and national security. In a determination to move beyond the chaos that defined the beginning of 2015, the Government has moved […]