Corporate Reputation

Communicating Risk

As globalisation continues at pace, many Australian domiciled companies have been attracted to overseas jurisdictions in their search for undiscovered minerals and energy, cheaper labour and new markets. Especially in the resources sector, it is no longer unusual to see Australian-based companies with most of their assets, if not their entire portfolio, located overseas.   […]

Video Killed the Radio Star

Video is a naturally engaging medium and, in an age of information overload, it’s now fundamental for businesses to offer content that is relevant and easy to digest. As a result, online video distribution has become an increasingly important marketing communication tool for both internal and external communication and with the new generation of high-speed […]

Organisational Change: The importance of communication

Major organisational change can be one of the most difficult challenges a business can face. Preparation is key in making sure staff are aware of the change and hopefully support it. Communication is an important element of an organisational change management strategy and it should outline ways an organisation will listen and engage with their […]

Are you listening?

When we think of communication, we are immediately drawn to what we say, write and publish. While instinctively we know that this is only half the equation, in practice how much emphasis do we place on the ‘other side of the coin’? To successfully communicate and form positive impressions, organisations must be listening to their […]