Corporate Reputation

Are you listening?

When we think of communication, we are immediately drawn to what we say, write and publish. While instinctively we know that this is only half the equation, in practice how much emphasis do we place on the ‘other side of the coin’? To successfully communicate and form positive impressions, organisations must be listening to their […]

Communicate or Capitulate – a rough guide to communication for Junior Explorers

A quick look at the junior resource sector over the last year has seen many share prices under intense pressure, particularly those companies still in pre-production desperately hanging on to their dwindling cash piles. The ASX Small Cap resources Index, ended 2013 down 43% year on year and the Spot gold price declined 27.3% in […]

Talk early, talk often…emerging from an issue with your corporate reputation intact

As the macroeconomic headwinds swirl, many companies (and governments) are understandably running a ruler over their cost base. And while investors and long-suffering taxpayers may applaud such a prudent approach, when the review becomes a restructure all the ‘headline writers’ are likely to see are job losses, project shutdowns and shell-shocked communities. This is the […]

The Digital Journey

The shift toward digital platforms has been taking over the news industry for quite some time, with the number of readers using the internet as their primary news source steadily growing. Last year saw the investment in digital platforms starting to pay off for media outlets. While the transition to digital has not been an […]