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Special Situations

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Product Failure/Recall

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Employee Engagement

Data Breaches & Technology Issues

 Citadel-MAGNUS has established a leading practice supporting clients in relation to Special Situations which, by our definition, relates to any event lying outside of the course of ordinary business and has the potential to negatively impact market perception and/or destroy company value.

Our team brings significant experience advising boards and management in relation to crises (including crisis preparedness), product failures and recalls, restructuring, management changes, litigation, regulatory matters, data breaches and technology issues.

The scope of our engagement typically involves a level of employee communication; the successful engagement of employees is often critical to managing a special situation effectively and leveraging the potential to turn a negative scenario into an opportunity to position a company as an industry leader.

Who to Contact

James Strong

Director, Partner - Sydney

James has 15 years’ experience providing advice to listed clients across a number of sectors, geographies and exchanges on investor and media relations, as well as strategic advice on corporate transactions and crisis management. He is a former director of London based agency Buchanan, one of the UK’s leading, and most experienced financial communication and investor relations consultancies, during which time he spent three years working in Dubai and Saudi Arabia as part of the senior management team of Buchanan’s Middle East operations.


Director, Partner - Perth

Michael has more than 25 years’ experience in investor relations and corporate financial communication. A former senior finance journalist, Michael has also held in-house executive roles within the mining and mining services sector. He has deep experience in corporate affairs, stakeholder engagement and capital markets. He has led complex communication around project development, capital raisings, corporate transactions and corporate strategy rollout.

Special Situation Insights

Trust; the ultimate commodity

Trust; the ultimate commodity

We all know what commodities are; or at least, we should. We all know what trust is; or at least, we have an understanding that it is driven by both logic and emotion. And, most of us will also know – if only intuitively – that open communication is paramount to...

Shut up and listen

Shut up and listen

There is zero tolerance for spin right now. No one has the mental bandwidth for anything beyond that which is immediately relevant. With airtime limited, how are you going to maintain engagement with those critical to your business once you’ve told them all that is...

Proactive issues management – a case study

Proactive issues management – a case study

In crisis or issues management it is always recommended to be as proactive as possible with your communication. Being open, transparent and proactive, as best you can, will help you manage the narrative and hopefully limit the reputational downside from the event. So,...