Investor Relations

Tales from the US: Innovations in stakeholder communication

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The United States continues to lead the way in pioneering new and innovative ways for companies to communicate with stakeholders. And while technology is playing an increasingly important role in that process, the ‘rules of engagement’ in the digital age are much the same as […]

On-Market, on target – Early success from On-Market Bookbuilds

Australia has a long history of innovation in the financial services industry. Integrated electronic equities trading, the CHESS settlement system, and the public float of the stock exchange were all at the leading edge of financial ingenuity, with many of these ideas having been replicated as standard practice overseas. The recent launch of the ASX […]

Communicate or Capitulate – a rough guide to communication for Junior Explorers

A quick look at the junior resource sector over the last year has seen many share prices under intense pressure, particularly those companies still in pre-production desperately hanging on to their dwindling cash piles. The ASX Small Cap resources Index, ended 2013 down 43% year on year and the Spot gold price declined 27.3% in […]

The Return of the IPO

After a challenging few years for the Australian Initial Public Offer (IPO) market, the December Quarter 2013 (Q4 2013) saw resurgence in IPO activity, as increasing investor confidence sparked a rush of new listings on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Given the renewed interest in IPO activity from both the market and media, analysis was […]