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Coffee anyone?

Written by Paul Ryan

May 17, 2020

Now we are on the verge of emerging from the coronavirus cocoon, and the possibility of more face to face interaction on the horizon, we have got some decisions to make.

Like, who do we see first?

It’s a simple question that requires a thoughtful answer.

Whilst electronic communication has been embraced globally as a valuable tool of engagement, many clients and colleagues I speak to – not to mention family and friends – maintain that for our most important relationships, you can’t beat meeting face to face.

Of course, we can’t meet everyone at once, and the ever-present risks of COVID-19 mean that we will still minimise our personal interactions and maintain a safe distance. Which is all the more reason to think carefully and really prioritise who are the most important people in our personal and professional lives.

Who we see first when we get back to work under the “new normal” will say a lot about ourselves and our business priorities. These decisions are not rocket science. Getting it right simply means you are getting maximum return for your (real) face time buck.

So, in the days ahead, make a list of the clients, customers and stakeholders that mean the most to your business, and rank them. Think broadly too – it may not be simply those that bring the most money in the door. Who has influence? Which relationships do you value? And, who is aligned with the values of your business?

Think long term as well as what’s important right now. Carve out some time to make a plan.

And when the time comes, hit the phones, make some dates, and enjoy the coffee and the company.

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